Learn more about Astaxanthin

Learn more about Astaxanthin

When you hear the word "astaxanthin," most will think of a chemical or some artificial substance, but nothing could be further from the truth: astaxanthin is a natural pigment found in numerous living organisms: from cranberries to salmon. This pigment, belonging to the group of carotenoids, provides its receptors with the reddish tone that characterizes them.

Pigment also offers its protection as an anti-inflammatory, especially for the brain and eyesight. At the brain level, too, science has shown that astaxanthin keeps neurons healthy and can even delay the physical and mental deterioration characteristic of aging.

Consumption of astaxanthin has proven to have an energizing effect, contributing to improved fitness. The pigment increases resistance to activity and in turn shortens the recovery time after motor efforts.

 One of the less widespread properties, but no less important, of this carotenoid, is its moisturizing power. Little by little it has been seen to increase its presence in creams and other cosmetic products.



Improves skin health

Improves vision

Stabilizes the cardiovascular system


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